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I have just started out with value betting this month and I have one important question.

How many bets do you guys average per hour, and how many hours a day do you put in towards waiting for bets to place?

I think on Rebelbetting’s youtube channel they have said that you only have to have about 2 hours a day to successfully start with value betting. I have to say that I really believe this is not true if you take into account their recommendations for starting bankroll. If you start with 1-2 K there is no way you will not lose money every month due to their (relative to this bankroll) very expansive software if you only put 2 hours a day.

I would be very happy if someone knows how to be able to put a good volume bets with only 2 hours work a day.

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I avg more than 4k bets monthly when i started, there was a month i did 7k bet even.(monthly target being 4k)

Currently i avg 2.5-4k just that i stake way higher compared to before.(monthly target being 3k)

I advise setting a monthly target and trying to achieve this target before month end so you end up doing better than set target, worst case you hit target


Hi @Arre,

I am almost as new as you are in this value betting. I started 1,5months ago. I am not “insider” so I believe that my answer is something you are looking for.

I have a job that kind of that I can do this at the same time. So I don’t vaste time at all just waiting for bets. But honestly, when I had bet365 before they banned me) it was very easy to pick up 40-50 bets in less than a hour. But now without bet365, it takes almost entire day to get 30+ bets.

But have to defense rebelbetting that what I have seen from them, is that “you can make 30% profit in month” and that is possible. I made almost 70% in first month and as you can see, I did have quite some lazy days.

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Thanks for your reply, I have four questions:

  1. How much time (a day on average) have you spend making when making 3-4k bets a month?

  2. What times of the day are you checking for bets?

  3. Do you use a broker?

  4. Which country are you based in?

I really do appreciate your reply Pastori.

I know bet365 has a crazy amount of good bets but I do not wanna rely on one sportsbook for obvious reasons. Anyhow you show that it is even possible to make a good profit from “only” placing 1200 bets which I easily double a month. What I am mostly looking at is that I want to get the membership fee down to under 0.5% of every bet that I place, to accomplish this I can change both the volume of bets and stakes (/bankroll) which I both try my best to do.

A bookmaker I have found having a lot of value bets is Betinia, you should check them out if you haven’t already. I quite easily get 25-30 bets only from them every day.

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Thanks Arre for your reply and for casino recomendation.
I added betinia to bookmarkers and you are right, there is quite some value bets avalaible. But (always there is but), zoot-links are not working for me. I can’t find domain setup from options for Betinia. Is it working for you, or do you find every bet manually?


That true, the zootlink doesnt work (you can’t fix it with bookmakers-settings) but their bets doesn’t change that fast so I have without no problem placed them manually.

I usually have around 10 bets I can place on their site when I log on and I am able to place them all before the the odds change.

Another tip for this is to use Microsoft Edge and their function with splitscreen. When you use it you can choose to “open links in right window”, now when you click “bet”, the site opens in right side and you will easily copy the info you need and place the bet for sites where zootlink doesn’t work. I have tried to find this function in Chrome and Opera without success (maybe it exists).

  1. When i started i placed bets on mobile so i could just open the software anytime and place bets, one could say i placed bets the whole day all through. Unless i hit my goal for that day(e.g 100) I’ll keep checking whenever i pick up my phone to place bets.
    I use my phone a lot so i just prioritised placing bets whenever i picked it up.

  2. My timezone GMT+1, The best time on weekedays is around 11AM to 6PM after that its usually a few south american matches. On weekends, 9AM-8PM.

  3. I dont use a broker with valuebetting softwares.

  4. Currently, Nigeria.

Thanx 4 the tip regarding Betinia, havent heard about em earlier. Have u been using them long?

All the best!

I spent some time looking at this from my bet tracker stats.

I’ve been averaging £16 an hour in CLV on bets placed on 2 restricted 365 accounts. £37 an hour when adding in bets I’ve placed on other bookie accounts (some restricted, some not).

Not bad whilst sitting on my ass watching Netflix!

I have only done value betting for about 14 days but I can say that Betinia is very good. On a totally fresh account I have placed 354 bets with a 7.5% yield (more than doubled my money on the site) and have not yet had any limitations.

Very nice! The only problem is that its totally reliant on you having access to a non limited bet365 account at all time. When you don’t have it, its a real hassle to get the volume down. I can easily get 250 bets down on a Saturday if I have access to bet365 account. As soon as I dont, maybe I get 125 bets down on a Saturday. but really its just to face it and come up with a plan to get many bet365 accounts and the money is just waiting to get collected.