About to start betting "correctly", any suggestions/tips?

Hey guys,

I just recently signed up for the free trial and so far im really enjoying learning about Sure betting and Value betting. I haven’t placed many bets yet as im still learning and want to make sure that I fully understand what im getting into before I commit any amount of money. While I do know quite a bit now, I just want the opinion of experienced betters when deciding what my initial investment should be, should I fully commit the entire starting bankroll to either VB or SB and, is it worth using a bet broker such as BetInAsia at the very start or should I get comfortable doing it by hand first?

For now im thinking of starting off with 1500$ and doing a mix of both SB & VB but any and all input is much appreciated. Feel free to comment whatever and thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hello mate, going through the forum by searching particular terms such as “starting bankroll, avg stake” will really give you great insight on what you’re getting into. Comb through, I’m sure you’ll find great answers that’ll be useful to you. Welcome!

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Oh alr cool thx.

Also i do have 1 very specific query that I am 99% isn’t found elsewhere on the forum.

Basically me and my dad have been using the same bet365 account for the past 4 years. The account itself probably has had between 10-15 bets placed per day for the past 7ish years. Also for some weird reason we’ve always loved placing parlays and AH on the most random and unknown leagues (some not even televised).

Do you think it would be safe (obv not 100% but not like banned within 2-3months) for me to place a couple VB around 1.5x the usual amount we’d bet anyways (matches my current goal of ~1% bankroll) on there or would the history not help at all with avoiding suspicion?

This’s is the ideal account to use for Valuebetting, the age, past betting patterns etc will help prolong account life I’m sure. In my case, i will try to aim for 4k bets in a month with this account as 7 years is enough time for them to group it as “recreational”. But don’t be surprised if you’re gubbed after placing 1 valuebet daily, that’s how good the books have gotten at spotting vbettors.

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