Access foreign sports bookies

Hello guys,

I have been doing value betting for a few weeks now and I start getting gubbed on some bookies :confused:

I live in a country where sport’s betting is pretty restricted and I am looking for any ways to join a foreign bookmaker. I thought about using a VPN to play online but I think at some point I will have to prove my adress with a legit document…
My question is then, does anyone have any idea/tips to still find bookmakers that don’t ask for documents ? I am already playing on every single one in my country… Maybe bookies from country with softer legislation ? Like Malta, Cyprus or whatsoever ?
Don’t really wanna do anything crazy illegal but still to find a gap that is exploitable !

Thanks !!

Every book will want documents, there are regulations for that, use your family / friends.

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try smarket or betfair they dont gubb u

You still need to show them documentation about where you live and so on I guess ?

Each bookmaker has different conditions, but most of them require KYC before withdrawing money from the game account. Of course, they can request it at any time, especially if they suspect dirty money.

I guess 1XBET has a special policy where for KYC they require not only proof of identity but also the shape of a person with a photo ID. I experienced this process and it was really long.