Account Lasted for 2days

Got gubbed on bet 365 after placing 100 bets, the account didn’t even last 2 days. Was opened on a new device, new sim card.

Could there be any loopholes that led to me getting gubbed this early? Please, Please, Please, share your view of the situation so others that plan on multi accounting can learn a thing or two before starting. Here’s my own view and experience

Btw, i did some priming(mug bets) with my first deposit of $10 on livebets mostly.

Cashed out 4 times there; no matter what you do, don’t cash out, this’s one free cheap advice I’m sharing, it’s what got my first bet 365 restricted, i was up 6k and then started cashing out valuebets that turned -ev. Anyways don’t.

Deposit history goes as follows (usd); 10, 500, 200, 300, 250, 235, 270. Took me less than 2 weeks to deposit this amount so i think was a bit hasty and reckless in depositing

Please, please, please share your view/experience

@Lm10 my account bet365 was limited after I started cashing out a few bets during the games.


There we go!! Pointing and ironing out important matters, other members: get in here and contribute :sweat_smile::pray:t4:

Cash out seems to be the amber light that draws manual reviews to accounts, especially cash outs on -ev bets(odds that have increased from time of placement). I was running very very hot on my first account till i started cashing out, didn’t even last a week till i was gubbed