Account limitation

Hello everyone…I realize that bet365 is no longer feasible to work with rebelbetting…between apps to install and limitations around the corner…do you have any advice from italy? any site that makes working without problems (of course respecting anti-limitation rules)?

gotta get your own model and find ur own valuebets to not be in the pattern of alla rebel users

I’m from Italy and I have had the same problem from the very beginning.
Betting from desktop requires the Bet365 Authenticator mobile app to read a QR Code which the app never does (I have two monitors with two different resolutions, but no way the app reads the QR Code).
The only solution I have found is to bet on mobile. It requires velocity of execution but it works.
I keep my phone by my side and every bet I need to place I do it on my smartphone. Luckily, Bet365 is one of the easiest to use on mobile thanks to its search function.
Maybe this is not the advice you expected, but Bet365 is the site I bet on the most and this solution is better than giving up on it.

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