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Dear Community Members,
I am seeking guidance regarding my situation with Vallum Betting. As an Australian citizen, I have been using their software for several months, and despite believing it works well, my account has recently been limited. This has made it challenging for me to cover both the monthly fee and my time, i spend lot lime because not many bets

I would greatly appreciate any advice or insights from those who have faced similar challenges with limited betting accounts. Please share your experiences and recommendations on what steps I should consider next.

Thank you all for your time and assistance.

Best regards,
Chanrith Wee

My advice, just quit. They have sites that are for Australian citizens. You would be able to literally get in hundreds of bets in a hour or two. They will just give you whatever advice to keep you paying the monthly fee.

Can you please me name that site please

You claimed that you are from US in another post. What do you know about Australian bettors and members? Just spewing negative nonsens. Troll?!

TAB kiosk betting is an alternative you can try

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