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Hello everybody,

do you know what are the best settings ?

  1. What are the sports that have the best statistics ?

  2. What are the markets that have the best statistics between win, handicap, over, 1x2 ?

  3. What are the best filters for the quotes ?

Thanks for the answers.

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Nicola Castiglione


Just want to remind you that there’s no hidden trick to this. All sorts of sports and markets can bring in profits in the long run. The key with value betting is simply placing as many bets as possible.

I’ve noticed some newcomers making a mistake by ditching certain sports just because they didn’t win right away. For example, giving up on basketball because they were down 200€ after around 140 bets.

From my experience of placing over 15k bets, every single sport or market has worked out for me. And honestly, I mostly stick with the default settings. The only thing I adjust is the start time—48 hours on weekdays and 12/24 hours on weekends.

By the way, you don’t have to keep posting the same question all over the forum. If you need quicker answers, feel free to join our RB Discord server (RebelBetting). It’s a more direct way to get help.

Hello, first of all thanks for your answers. Anyway how do you make profits consistently without being blocked by bookmakers ?

I just ask Friends/Family for new accounts

With how much money you start ? What was your initial balance ? 1.000 euro ? 5.000 euro ? If you start with 10K is too much ?

1k€ is fine. If you get a bad start then top up the account.
If you deposit a big sum then you will be limited within days.

Great answer.

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