Add value indicators to arb bets

To ensure longevity to your soft accounts you need to be a loosing player. A strategy to try and maintain a negative balance on certain accounts is only covering your total bets on the soft bookmaker and adding all the arb value to the sharp bookmaker.

Bet365 odds 1.29,
Pinnacle odds 4.8
total bets 1 000€
arb 1.7%=17€

the software will tell you to do this:

on Bet365 bet 788€x1.29=1017€
on Pinnacle bet 212€x4.8=1017€

But if you instead do this:

on bet365 bet 775€x1.29=1000€
on Pinnacle bet 225€x4.8=1080€

You can minimize winnings on an account where the balance might already be uncomfortably high and add higher value when the sharp bookie bet finally goes through. (you could also bet for a slight loss on bet365 to make the pinnacle bet have even more potential but that might be against the spirit of arbing :slight_smile: )

If we were to have a value indicator such as in the valuebetting product within the arb software we would know better which times these higher odds are more likely to win than they indicate, and thus making it easier to look for chances to transfer funds between accounts.

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