Adjusting bank roll

Hi, new to all this, was wondering do you need to be regularly changing your starting bank roll amount when your profit goes up to maximise future profits? Or do you stock with your staring amount which for me is currently £1k


Yes, you should update your bankroll. Read more here about adjusting your bankroll. :blush:

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There are several strategies to managing the bankroll.
Updating “immediately” after profit/loss is one of them. I usually do it on a weekly basis.
Also if you have additional funds to top up the bankroll should impact your bankroll strategi.

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i think every 2 weeks i will adjust, many thanks guys

Every two is perhaps a tad infrequent since every weekend is your main betting event. Do it once a week (lets say on Monday evening - when all weekend bets have been resolved). See how it works and you can always change it whenever you want.

ok i will try that, this is just my second day doing this and have a lot to learn, but thank you.

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