After 1 day of Value betting, am I being limited on b365?

Hi RBers,

I’ve been following RB for some time and finally decided to give it a try and signed up for the RB value starter. Signed up for b365 and unibet as these are the only ones in the recommended sportsbook available to my country.

On the first day, I was able to put in about 60+ bets in between the 2 bookies, more like 70% on b365, 30% on unibet.

2nd day which is today, there are barely any games, 1 or 2 only for b365 and all other games when the bet pops out, it’s not available in the b365. When searching manually on b365 or clicking the “bet” button to get redirected to the b365 page of the specific game, all I get is the “Sorry, this page is no longer available. Betting has closed or has been suspended” and if manually searched: “No results found. Please try a different search term”.

Is this normal? Kindly advise.

similar experience, placed first value bet with bwin yesterday and account was limited

It sounds like a glitch to me. However, you might want to go easy when you first open a bookie - bet on a few things here and there and gradually build up. It just looks healthier. That being said, they can just close your account for no apparent reason at all…

I found a way around it. Seems like a glitch?
I have to just copy the team/player name and paste it manually in the search bar in bet365 website and click on the specific game for it to come up.

I’m getting errors when I click the “bet” button that redirects to b365 with like “Sorry, this page is no longer available. Betting has closed or has been suspended”

Might be worth deleting cookies?

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