After 1600 bets - good strategy for not getting limited

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That’s great Max - congratulations! But how did you manage to place so many bets without being gubbed or getting your stakes limited?

I’ve been shut down by several bookies after just a week or so. V frustrating. :frowning:

So I’d love to know how you operate please

Many thanks in advance!

I don’t know what I can write here. My friends on my account close not value bets and I do them bookmaker. And 90% their tickets are lose because there are 5 and more bets on ticket. Maybe for this I have no limit account. (sorry my English isn’t good)

Many thanks Max that’s very interesting. I just need to find some more friends who don’t win :grin:

Hi Max thanks for sharing. I did not understand what you wrote. Could you please to try to explain once more?

Thanks in advance

I managed to figure out his message. On his account he places also his friends bet slips, which are 90% lost bets, because there are more than 5 matches on a bet slip. So, the bookie couldn’t establish a pattern. Very interesting.

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thank you for writing it for me. Yes that’s how it is. Bookmaker doesn’t know what I’m betting and what my friends. It’s crazy but still without limits

You gave me a really good idea. I will subscribe to some tipster sites also, in order to place bet slips at the bookies. I don’t have enough knowledge and time to make my own bets, but at least if I don’t lose with the slips, it will be ok :smiley:

Playing tipsters might also make you look sharp, but your profits will most likely be the same as betting randomly :wink:

So perhaps just play some bets around 2.0 on high-profile matches, you will average out and just lose the bookmaker margin (-6% on bet365).

very intresting indeed. I would say same that tipsters wont fix this problem for you since they use market high odds and small market. maybe if you use guys who make tips to NBA, NH etc.

I would say at least that they are not the best tipsters in the world, so they are not a huge problem for the bookies :nerd_face:. As I said, they “offer” bet slips, usually (75%) with high-profile matches, so it is fine until now. Tomorrow will be 1 month, since I use VB seriously, after a first month learning period. I managed to place 935 bets, without getting limited. Unfortunately, I have a -8.48% ROI, but I have 100% confidence in VB, so I am not worried at all, I know that in the future, at a point, my profit will reach the expected profit line. :money_mouth_face: