After 2000 Bet placed

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I need advice for my bet. After placing 2000 bet I have made around £200 profit. My stake is initially came as it is. After that I changed it to £1 each bet. Please suggest me do I need to change any settings or my stake size.

I do not understand your question. Why did you change to 1£ stake?
Update your bankroll and use Kelly staking of 30%.
You have not posted any settings so we have no idea what could be improved.

Thanks for your reply. I am try to avoid restriction from bookie and for that reason put stake £1. From Today I increase to £5. Also, My VB settings and Filter uploaded. Please advise me if I need to change any settings. TIA

vb option

I would suggest you reduce Kelly stake to 10% and increase max stake to 2%. Also disable ‘Adjust for open bets’. That should give you a max stake of around £6 but more importantly it will give you a range of bet sizes so Kelly can actually work. Then bet the suggested amount.

Thanks for your suggestion. I have applied now. Also place stake £5 only per bet.

10% Kelly is VERY low. I would never go below 20%.

The suggestion for 10% was to keep the max bet size down as clearly MNALAM is not confortable placing bets that large. He could achieve the same by lowering his bank roll in settings to 400ish. I personally have my BR set to £2500 Kelly 30% and Max Stake at 2% to keep my stake max at £50 even though my real bank roll is more than 10x this.
At the settings I suggested most of the bet’s would be less than £7 except for extremely high value of extremely low odds. Also I wouldn’t recommend flat staking £5 as you just open yourself up to increased variance. Kelly will out perform flat staking on a large enough data set.

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Yes that works. There are many strategies for staking and, as you so nicely explained, even a 10% Kelly has its use. The draw back is that it will take a lots of bets to get the bankroll into play…