After 2000 bets

I bet almost at 1xbet. After 2000 bets they limited me. I gained about 500 (usd).
kelly 25% / smax stake 5% / value min 3, max 8 / time 6hours / odds 1.5 ~ 2.5
Limiting me at 1xbet no longer seems to use valuebetting. sad. I don’t know how to solve it.

I think only solution would be to try out with another account or to get value bet with broker


  1. what is your average stake ?
  2. what is your total turnover ?
  3. how many days did you bet ?

I bet with only 1xbet because they have tons of games everyday… I don’t care if they suspend my acc lol cuz I have brothers, sisters, aunties , inlaws, friends etc I can open a fresh account with their names since it’s very easy to open in Africa. So my advice is open with your friends or families information then continue cashing out. No time!