Am I doing something wrong?



As long as CLV is getting up, they tell me that I am doing fine. What can I do to improve the situation other than just keep betting?
Of course I am the 1 in 17 that has such a bad luck. If the simulator is somewhat reliable and I used it right.

Hello, if you aren’t using majority of your bankroll always, untick “Adjust for open bets” also time to match start maybe “12 hours or 15 hours or 24 hours” 60 hours IMO is too long to get your funds stuck.


My opinion might not be relevant to yours since I’m only 5 days in but as far as from what i observed, when i still have the “adjust for open bets” ticked my realized profit is down from my CLV. It changed for the better when I unticked it. IMO the adjust for open bets is really luck dependent on the first few bets. Also, from what I read if you want to go with the Adjust for open bets route you should go stake sizing 30-50% and max stake to 1.5-2%