Annoying alert, test period, please fix

I understand that you want sell subs but for love of god is it annoying that I get alert with the “You’re missing…” message. Please chill out. It’s incredible annoying when I’m working and doing my everyday stuff and it’s beeps and it’s this message time and time, time and time, time and time, time and time, time and time… Please fix this.

Have you tried going to settings to turn off notifications? Or change the alert sound to something else, there are multiple options from which you can pick or turn it off completely.

I wish their SUPPORT were as efficient at sorting problems out as they are at marketing :frowning:

If I turn off notifications then I don’t now when there are som value bets. All they need to do is turn down the amount of notifications that I am missing out on value bets. I now that by now.