Any Advice? Is this Variance, or something worse?

Hi all,

I would love some advice from the community about how I can work through better results. I hit a real bad patch when I changed the filter on betting on same games. What are peoples experiences with it? Has it worked for you?

I place multiple bets on the same game, best way to get volume down on restricted accounts.

Just means your bets are correlated, so variance will be stronger.


Thought that might be the case. How long do you think I should stick with this strategy before trying something new?

Well I’d only do it if I have to, if you are on unrestricted accounts I’d only place one bet a game (or perhaps two if one is total points and the other match handicap).


Thanks mate, I appreciate the advice. As you can see I don’t have too much of a bankroll to play with :sweat_smile: so any form of loss is fairly significant. I’ll take it on board:)

Your odds range is unusual though (1.00 to 2.50). Coupled with your max stake of 1% then probably around half of your bets are flat staked at 1% (before being further reduced due to the AFOB).

What would you suggest I do to maximise profits?