Any Aussies doing Valuebetting?

Any fellow aussies in this community that have had experience with using the Rebelbetting software with Aussie books?

Keen to hear thoughts on which bookies work well with the software, and how long you were able to make it last before getting limited? Any point signing up for a 1 year subscription?

Also keen to know if anyone has been able to get access to overseas bookies (Marathon, 1x bet etc) somehow?

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I personally show interest, but please explain in more detail what your idea is.
Something I do not understand.
If I correctly understand: I support the opinion is long-term work with bookmakers without limits.
I think the Australian bookmakers can become interesting.

I was just wondering if there were other Aussies on here that are willing to share their experiences using the Valuebetting software, and share their results/tips. As I’m thinking of signing up to the Valuebetting subscription, but wary of whether it will be profitable long term due to limited Aussie bookmakers supported by the software.

I’m an Aussie using Valuebetting, and have made pretty good profits. There aren’t a lot of aussie bookmakers on the program, but i’ve made good money from Bet365, and a little from Unibet, TAB and Betfair.
I did buy the 1 year subscription, but it was heavily discounted at the time, and gave 4 free months i think. So i’ve easily covered the initial cost after a few months.
I posted a thread with my results several weeks ago if you want to check that out.

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Thanks signmon! Missed your results post previously and just found it. Very encouraging results. Only thing that worries me is how long I can keep b365 as it sounds like most of the volume is thru b365.