Any bets to avoid or pick over the other?

I have seen this question asked by a few people on peoples results topics so I am pretty sure its a question that a lot of people are interested in.

Are there any bets that are better to be avoided or ones to pick over the other.

Let me explain what I mean if I can. So I noticed I placed a few basketball bets where the bet was for the match to have a total of over 160. I noticed a few times that I lost these bets so I now try to avoid them or I take a basketball bet if it says under 160 because the over 160’s put me off when I lost some.

Another example is I take under 2.5 goals in total bets, because I watched a video somewhere saying on average most games are under 2.5. So because of this when I see bets for under 1.5 I tend to avoid them as I think they have a less chance of winning.

This phobia I have of picking certain bets has got me curious as to whether any of you avoid or take specific bets because you think they have a higher chance of winning.

Its been working for me so far as I am mostly profitable at the moment but my bank roll is so small which is why I avoid quite a few types of bets. If my bank roll becomes really big in the future I plan to take more bets and of course have the results tab so I can review whats most profitable.

I do notice peoples results and them saying they take every single bet that rebelbet throws at them but I also notice they have drawdowns and it leads me back to the question where I wonder if they avoided particular bets they could have avoided some draw downs.

Another question I have is lets say you have multiple bets stating multiple scores or multiple AH. Which is the best one to take? or lets say one says AH 0 first half or AH 0 for the whole match. Which ones better to take and most likely to win.

One thing I was thinking of doing or perhaps anyone on this forum might know. Is what if we were to find out the averages for specific sports. For example the average total runs for basketball might be 160 so knowing that, it would be helpful to decide that taking bets under 160 is beneficial. And then do that for hockey and baseball etc etc to find the average and then use that to determine which bets are likely to succeed.

Sorry for the really long topic but I think its one that many are curious about and we can finally come to a conclusion.

At the moment I only take under 2.5 soccer bets. under 160 basketball bets. AH 0 or + bets. I don’t take any minus AH bets. I take match wins for most sports. I take first set games for tennis.

Any other type of bets I avoid and this has been working well for me