Any luck with exchanges?

Just thought id follow up on this. Im finding a bit of value on the exchange that seems to slip through the net. One of my softs got gubbed, so i thought i would double check smarkets and it was about 10% better than the gubbed suggestion. I found 3 more within 5 mins. So, definitely worth checking as long as it isnt an obscure bet.

Were those bets all got matched??

Yes, instantly.

Were the odds higher than rb u got matched?

Yes, it may have been a fluke, ive not investigated further yet.

I’m having similar results yes. Smarkets seems to be most profitable of the exchanges for me, with most of the bets matched and I’m getting higher value bets than RB is showing sometimes too, which is a nice bonus

That’s good news. I have found that smarkets is limited on the markets they offer, so you cant always find the bet you want. How many bets a week or day are you managing to get?