Any suggestions from Veteran Value Bettors?

Hello Everyone, I will drop my settings and graphs over the first two weeks of me actively value betting. I am just wondering if there are changes or adjustments I should make to my settings to increase profits or increase my CLV. I just want to start out on the right foot, and I know patience and persistence are key so if nothing should be changed feel free to let me know. Anything helps, Thank you all! Excited to continue the journey.

Reports from jan thirtyfirst

Profitable after the first few hundred bets, you have good CLV, and that’s all while betting at plus odds… yeah man you’re doing better than 99% of people. Keep up the good work and get as many bets down as possible.

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Appreciate the response! Will make sure to keep everyone updated on the progression!

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I am back to report more “progress”, today I am at the lowest deficit I have reached and I am unsure why. I understand slumps but this seems a little off. My CLV states that I should be profitable but in fact its the opposite. Any idea why?