Anyone betting on 1.5% value bets?

Hi I’m in the Philippines and i’m limited to a few exchanges namely 1xbet,betfair,5dimes, BetinAsia, BetOnline and Marathonbet. Most of my value bets are from 1xbet and I’m planning to do 1.5% value bets to maximize my potential profits. Is 1.5% value bets worth my time or just focus on 2-3% value bets? I’m currently betting 70 bets per day @2% value bets.

TL;DR want to ask if 1.5% value bets is worth it with a few bookies

Dont know man im using 1xbet to but look like my luck go thru hell .

My min value 4%

But still -900 profit

Are ok with 1xbet ?

Hi Jaz, i’m still relatively new so i won’t judge my ROI% as of now and profits. ATM I am -40 USD on profit with 135 bets with 7 USD average bet, it’s just variance and i know. I’m currently using 2%-20% value bet and betting on everything