Anyone else having a bad month?

I know you get bad days here and there and in the long wrong it will average out and you will be up

But this month I am down and just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat.

I’ve seen a few posts that seems like people are but then one or 2 are saying they arent so I thought I would make a general post to see the numbers


Rate you…
!I’ve been going down only for 16 days now

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Must just be one of those periods T_T

Sometimes I wonder if they change something in their algorithm or whether the bookies do to try and counter EV betters :frowning:

Or its just the randomness of the games

Whats your value and odds min and max settings at?

value min %3 max 20%
odds min 1.2 max 2.5

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Mate…we all like to bleat when we are down. Most keep quite when they are up, because they dont want to “spook” the good run :slight_smile:

You will not come across anyone at all that does not encounter bad runs…it is VALUE BETTING…not SURE BETTING/MATCHED BETTING…so your risk -reward is greater.


But I agree… A rough month.

I know about bad months coz I’ve had them before and in the long run I was up lol

But I took a break and started again and I’m down straight away so just wanted to double check it was a normal bad month :slightly_smiling_face:

Eugenio_servidio: Your settings are good. Are you betting on everything?

I did recently start noting down my bets in excel and filtering them. My conclusions were that only soccer and esports are beneficial atm lol if anyone finds that interesting. I only had a 150 ish data sample though

However if you only bet soccer and esports at the moment then when you will you know that the others sports are back to being profitable lol I guess you could log them without betting on them but the current bet recording system is so crap its hard to even analyse them when you do log them anyway. Although I havent seen what the new export feature results will look like

Only way is to log them yourself at the moment

Happy to give an example of some of my data if anyone wants to see

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Do you have individual CLV for each bet? Maybe the minimum value threshold needs to be raised for certain sports. For example, maybe blindly betting on basketball at 3%+ EV is unprofitable… but maybe at 6%+ it is profitable. Those sorts of insights might be useful, although the sample may be too small to draw any meaningful conclusions

yeah, is bad for me as well

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@shadownin Now i bet every marketsports, but i don’t bet on threeways

66.9% of all members are making profits in January so far, with 10 days left to go.

I started , very skeptically, betting on Sure Bets on Monday. Im gubbed on most accounts so only able to do limited amounts of bets…and jam currently showing + £63.89! No risk…so if we could all make this every week…then subscriptions are covered so Value Betting will be “free”…so I am thinking its a good move after all. I realise at the moment Im probably in the minority- but if I can make it work --being gubbed and banned …it should be so much easier for others not so restricted. so yeah :vulcan_salute:

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No I dont have CLV for each bet. I only noted down all the bets I took and filtered by sport and win/lose. Only football and Esports were in the positive.

Yes you’re correct. Depending on your winning percentage. You would need to level that out with the correct odds. For example 1.4 odds with 70 win ratio would make you break even

Ah ok well from my data only football and esports are doing well at the moment for me.

I will need to continue collecting data

Is this with ev or sure betting or both?

Perhaps the winners have different stats and avoiding specific sports

Would it be possible to add a multiple tick box for deleting bets in the tracker? I have wanted to start over twice now and spend a good hour deleting bets one by one T_T

Even taking the lazy approach maybe just a delete all button would greatly help

Thats great :slight_smile: keep at it!

You shouldnt lose any bets if you are sure betting lol hence the name

We were mainly discussing the EV betting side but good to know!