Arbitrage/Sure betting odds help

Hello fellow lads
I recently started out on surebetting on rebell, and I figured out most of the stuff. I just have a few questions so I can make the most of my bets and clear up some confusions. any reply’s are greatly appreciated

considering i have a capital of 500$ here
take a look at image 1

example here i took 15 $ as total stake and 2 out of the 3 outcomes have a positive profit result

Q) my question is how do i find the perfect amount for each odds example in image 1 would have resulted in negative overall outcome

now if i adjust the arbs a little bit manually instead of using auto calc

now take a look at image 2
now suddenly when i take 21$ total bet all outcomes 3 out of 3 resulting in profit with much better results

My question being how do i find the perfect odds relative to my capital eg right now im using 5% bet overall per sure bet distributed among all bets so i have profit no matter what outcome i get because even if i change 1$ plus or minus it results in so much variation i want to know how to find perfect capital amount and perfect amount to use per bet for maximum efficiency

its a bit complicated overall im trying to be most efficient i can in surebetting

thanks for taking the time to read it

I didnt know people still did surebetting anymore.

im doing it since i wanted somethinf risk free and 10-30% monthly interests, im happy with that tho im still confused what strat has been most profitable over all?

In my experience I did not have time to "fine-tune " the calculations. Every second of delay is a risk that one, or more, of the arb bets have changed… I would suggest that you go with bets that involve two markets. Higher chance to get those bets placed.

In your second example your stake, percentage wise, is much higher. you went from 15 to 21. That is a whooping 40% increase. What is the staking strategy?

the increase in stake was just a example

in another case if i took 7$ as total stake (-50% decrease) i still get profits on all 3 outcomes where as on 15 i dont

i just want to clear that confusion on how to find perfect stake overall and perfect stake divded amongst each odds related to your capital