Arbs from Svenskaspel

The arbs/odds from Svenskaspel is gone all the time. Rebelbetting is 2-5 minets after. Can someone explane when this problem will be fixed?

Thanks for your report, we’ll look into this!

Thanks . It was better from monday to friday. But now saturday and is 2-3 minets to late again. It seems that the problem is on the weekend.

Now Svenskaspel shows only old arbs. The arbs are 4-5 ours old. Can someone say what the issiue is.

They are experiencing some internal issues with their odds feed. Hopefully they will fix the problem soon. I remember that this happened with them a few months back as well.

Is it same problem again? I see lots of arbs and all of them is old

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Yeah never works on weekends, on weekdays you could atleast reach 10-15% of the bets. I use it to see which markets that has changed for trading, useless for valuebetting.