As a new valuebet user, after setup what next?

I have set up account according to the manual,
I set my bankroll as #50.000 but I wanna run the value bet in all the naira bookmakers such as 9jabet merrybet, netbet, 1xbet and nairabet,
Tell me, should I share my #50.000 capital in all the 5 bookmakers as-in #10.000 each?

Should I just be playing all the bets that show up?

If so, how will I know if I am making profit or loosing?

Do I have to place few bet and relax until I see their result ?

I suggest to start with a small bank on each bookie. The rest of the money on a separate bank account or Skrill.

After xxx number of bets you will notice that you usually place more value bets on some bookies more than others. Fill the bookie with more cash if needed when the balance drops to low.

You can follow your bets under "tracker’ if you are using the Browser version of the value betting.

I’m not one of those who places every bet that’s pops up. Im picky :slight_smile:

Should go after bets of 10% and above


Those of 3% and bellow,?

I really don’t understand the difference between games of 10% value and 3%

Does 10% and above mean more chances of winning?

3% if bellow mean more chances of wining,
I need to make profit even if it requires going for games of bellow 2%

No, the value is simbly x % above what rebel compares with. if it’s pinnacle odds or what.

Bookie 1: Have odds x.xx
Bookie 2: Have odds x.xx * 10% higher odds.

You pick bookie 2. :slight_smile:

Do whatever you want. But I would guess its more normal to get values between 3% - 10% or above.

What kind of answer are you giving,
With x xx?
Don’t understand you

Tell me about 10% value bet
3% value

What’s the difference,
When I see both, which of them mean more chances of winning?

What do you mean if you say “winning”? This particular bet or in the longrun?
Obviously over the long run you will win more if you take the 10% value, but this does not mean that this particular bet will have a higher chance of winning.

Did you have read the articels on There is the concept behind value betting very good explained.

Read the articles instead… None of them mean more chance of winning. Value has nothing to do with higher or lower chance.