Asian Handicap (1-0)

Hi there,

Could someone quickly explain how inplay asian handicap works. Please refer to the screenshot I’ve provided.

By the way, I fully understand pre-match asian handicap.


It’s the same, (“1-0)” was just the current score line.

Thanks for your response. Take a look at the screenshot. What if I place a bet on Home 0.0, -0.5 @ 1.625; how would it win?

They will still have to overcome the handicap by scoring another goal. Their odds are that low because they’re favourites and are 1 goal ahead so they have momentum. That handicap will still be settled as if the scoreline was 0-0

Thanks mate. So, if the match ended (e.g. 1-0 or 2-1), the bet would be refunded?

If I’m settling based on your selection of 0, -0.5,

Current score line of 1-0=half stake lost and half refunded

Score line turns 2-0 after bet placement=bet won.
2-1=half lost, half refunded

I hope this helps.

Thanks! You’ve made it so simple for me to understand.