Asianconnect added, sharp broker that works from the UK

Asianconnect, one of the best and most trusted betting broker, has now been added for both ValueBetting Pro and RebelBetting Pro users.

You will get 2 free weeks of RebelBetting Pro or ValueBetting Pro by signing up today!

  • They accept UK customers.
  • You will never be limited, winners are welcome.
  • One login, access to 7 bookmakers.

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Hi the software gives me all the wrong quotas


Could you please specify what is wrong with the quotas? (value doesn’t exist, disappear, lower/higher etc.)


Do we have any stats regarding the yield for Asianconnect? Thanks :slight_smile:

Nothing? :frowning_face:

Sorry, must have missed your message. I’ll take a look on Monday and post some stats :nerd_face:

There are not enough logged bets to draw any conclusions on Asianconnect at this time, sorry!