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Been trying all day to see how life will be in a post gubbed world. I havent been able to place a single bet. … just like trying to place a value bet on betfair…practically impossible :slight_smile: What experiences have others had?

Hi Audi, which bookies have u seleceted within AC? I found it pretty simple to search for bets within both Asiand Odds & OrbitX. I think AC is rather good from a money management perspective as you can have access to both Pinnacle and OrbitX (betfair) from the same wallet.

All the best! :slight_smile:

The issue is the odds are changing too quickly before I can potentially bet on the selection ( I am Sure Betting when this happens) Value Bets are a little easier as the odds are not quite so fast


Yup, I also tried it out when I was doing sure betting. The only added value of AC is the money management perspective.

The advice i can give is to select a bet that is “stable” (usually the longer from match start the better) and always place the first part of the bet with a bookie that allows a “cash out” option in case the shit hits the fan… :slight_smile:

great advice


sharp books change their odds before they get to you, once rb gives you the bet 99% of cases is outdated

yeah…indeed, I didnt get any joy out of trying to use AC…I also have lingering doubts about dealing with a Company that is out of your own Country’s jurisdiction if anything goes wrong down the line, and you are sitting with £1000,s that you have just lost access to.