AsianConnect - Value Betting

Does Anyone use AsianConnect in their Value betting strategy?
If so, do you place every bet when the notification is pinged, on any bookmaker provided?
Or do you have different filters/criteria you use to maximise profits?

I have currently deposited 2.2k into the brokerage and I am up 900.

I do however think this is just luck based though, as a large majority of the “value” bets are through the Pinnacle bookmaker.

I have started to cross-reference the odds displayed as positive EV on rebel betting pro’s AsianConnect notifications with Pinnacle’s, and they are nearly always the same.

Am I under the understanding that there are value bets within Pinnacle?

What are your experiences? I am extremely curious to see what others have gone through?

Can you share your config ?

The Reason for the number of hours and the low-value level is because:

  1. You can’t get limited, so there is no need to restrict time.
  2. I want to place as much volume of bets as I can.
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Referring to my original post, 80% of the notifications I get are from AsianConnect. And the majority of those come through the Pinnacle bookmaker on AsianOdds/AsianConnect

This is an example of the setup, as u can see it has Pinnacle giving 2.2% value. How are the Bets positive EV on Asian Odds but not on the original Pinnacle site.