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Hi team,

I took a small hit yesterday and at first I thought that I had made a mistake. Today I see this arb so I’m assumming that the software needs some tweaking. The software should check the leagues of each bet so that you don’t mix mens and womens games (as in this example). Thank you for a good product! :slight_smile:

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As far as I can see in your example they are both women’s team. Some bookies might have different settling rules.

Hi, both mens and womens team play the same day & both teams have the same team name. If you press the links in the arb window, one will take you to a mens game and one will take you to a womans game. I am posting this so that the software team fixes this so others dont lose any money. its enough that i have taken a small hit… :wink:

Thanks for taking your time to explain in detail, this will be fixed soon. Thank you.

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It is great that you post about this bug in the community to bring awareness.
To really get the support team involved on it you must mail the support.

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Hi, what is the mail to the support? Found another bug they should look into (comparing odds for half time with odds for full time).

All the best! :slight_smile:

Easiest is to contact them through the support chat. Select " menu" and then “support chat”. Then they know that it is a legit user/account that reports an issue.
You can also mail h

thanx for that, i have posted both problems in the chat. the basketball thing is still not fixed as the system keeps putting up new arbs with the wrong links.

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