Avoid 21bet, bbets, rabona and others on the same skin

Rebel betting offers for example bbets and some other bookmakers on the same skin and other shady bookmakers. I personally think they should not because these sites are scams. Hope you review them.

You can easily detect them, they are all the same skin/odds, 21bets, 4casino, b-bets, Bankonbet, Rabona, Wallacebet etc, there are loads of them, probably also because their business is pretty shady. One should be suspicious of all lower tier books, if it looks shady, you never heard of, it probably is trouble. For example Askgamblers has blacklisted bbets that rebelbetting has in the list.

I ran hot but I have had ~10k forfeited in account winnings because I broke their bonus wagering/other terms and conditions/rules on multiple sites. Yes was my mistake not to read all the 10 pages of terms and conditions they have, just should have researched more online of these sites, hope you do that and read this, never sign up. You find a lot of negative reviews similar to mine online woth few googles.

Basicly these sites are a jungle of terms and conditions which you should all read for each of them. You should never accept any deposit or other bonus but better not to deposit never.
-example max wager of 20% of bankroll, exceed one time and all your possible winning forfeited, ALL.
-Example, wager more than received bonus amount, one time and all winnings are taken, at the time you try to withdraw.

They offer a huge negative freeroll for you, either you get unluck or lose your deposit, or you get lucky and win, they will find a term or condition that you have broken with your requirement. Would not be surprised that they even would add a term afterwards to make you look breaking the conditions if you win too much. You can make mistakes in wagering and also the verification is going to be difficult:

The withdraw is made extremely difficult as well, it will always take weeks and u are required to show:
-Phone number verification, your name and document when u signed with your operator.
-utitlity bills, no bank statements accepted.
-ID selfie with your face and passport
-Proof of your source of funds, salaries, even if you just deposit1-2k
-Full Neteller/bank account history, statements for1-6 months, crazy.

Their customer support is horrible and your matter will proceed slowly. They will ask you documents one by one, they dont ask everything at once, they want the process to take as long as possible.


Thanks for sharing

Yes this books are terrible, mystake is another y’all should be weary of. I have 5k stuck there, they said they’re investigating for 6 months before they pass a verdict on whether to allow me withdraw or not, PATHETIC!

General rule of thumb is to never accept bonuses when starting out with this unpopular books if you must use them. Always check trustpilot, rebel, arbusers and other forums before trying out new books.

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I also have a problem with bbets. I was not using any deposit bonuses i was just playing value betting and on my first try to withdraw money they froze my account. I filed a complain to MADRE 3 months ago but still no answer. I still cant understand why developers of rebel betting are offering their odds where its obvious that they are stealers.

Sorry to hear that mate!

Unfortunately I think bbets SPORTSBOOK license is in Curacao and I am not sure if there is any hope on filing a complaint there, or where to do it. MADRE is for Maltese licenses as I understand

I wanted to add in my case that I did not even use RB movers to win from these sites, I am sure they will claim betting on movers is “unfair advantage” and void any winnings.

I would not use/deposit to any site listed here that are in the group of b-bets and rabonas, wallacebets, same skin: