Avoid Novibet - money stolen, IBAS contacted

I was up a few hundred on Novibet when they finally limited my bet sizes. I tried to do a withdrawal at which point they asked for the standard KYC documents, copies of the passport and a utility bill. Time passed, I asked them whats up, they said a different department is dealing with the documents and I would be contacted when “the investigation was over”. I was never asked any questions nor more documents.

Finally after 2.5 months I gave them an ultimatum, accept the documents, or I would contact IBAS. No reply.

After contacting IBAS they replied very quickly that I had breached several things in their T&C (which I have not done). Now IBAS is investigating the matter but they said that it might take 12-14 weeks.

Long story short, avoid Novibet. They seem to be very short on money if they bother stealing like this. I haven’t had problems like this on any site before.


thanks for sharing! Also no other site has limited me personally as quickly as they did

Brother I feel you,same things happen to me with GGBET rusian site,they even forbid me to enter the site,because some stupid reason that i did not do.
they take 160 euros for no reason,when I say to some admins that I feel sorry that they need my money,they use that taht they fell sorry because im unhappy and so on…I was laughed by that stupid comment by their part,also AVOID GGBET.