Avoid selection bias in value betting πŸŽ“

Selection bias in value betting means that we allow our personal preferences and familiar patterns to influence our choices. This is something you need to avoid - because emotion costs money. You should bet with your brain and not your heart.

Luckily, the overpriced odds presented in the RebelBetting program are not just random bets. We find value bets with a long-term statistical edge and proven results. No emotions involved!
With enough bets, all bet types and sports have good results. Some are better than others of course.

Check out the video to understand why this is important:

Default settings in RebelBetting

If you are using RebelBetting as a beginner, the default settings are made especially for you. They are customized to give you optimal profit, with little risk and a solid stake sizing strategy.

Here’s another important note; We constantly analyze our performance and make improvements. We make sure to fine-tune and remove everything that isn’t profitable. We want you to make as much money as possible using our products.

Focus on the number of bets

As a value bettor, you should always focus on the number of bets placed. Unless you have made thousands and thousands of bets in all sports, and all markets throughout the year you cannot accurately evaluate your performance. Why? Because of variance.

The number of bets required to reach statistical significance is much higher than what most people think intuitively.

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I am guilty of this syndrome. Basketball has put me off for life. However, what I am doing is not working out so good, as Im flat lining. As from September 1st I am going rogue against my own wishes, and trialling 1 month at default settings for all sports/markets. Minimum 100 bets per day. Mikel makes a lot of sense.