Backed too much on Smarkets

Hey folks.
When placing a value bet on Smarkets I accidentally typed in 166£ instead of 16£. From matched betting I know the fix a bet calculator but how does this work here? Really don’t want to risk so much money. How could I fix it? :sweat_smile:

Should be basically the same as fixing a bookie bet. You’ll lose a bit from the spread between the lay and back price but hopefully won’t be too much if the market is liquid enough. if it’s not liquid enough might be cheaper to dutch it instead. you’d just put it in a 2way dutch calc (provideing it’s a 2 way market!) and set stake on one side to £150 (£166-£16)

Just checked not enough liquidity. So with the dutcher strategy why 166£ as total stake since I placed already 166£ on one bet? Doesn’t it have to be more to secure my bet?

Depends on the odds. You could use a free calculator like this:
Bet stake would be £150 because thats the part your wanting to dutch away. Bet A odds would be the odds you took, Bet B odds would be the odds for the opposing bet. click Calculate and it’ll tell you how much to put on that cancel out the excess and how much you’ll lose for doing so.

ohhhh now it makes thanks. cheers mate… :slight_smile:

I’m tempted to just let it run… I know total loss could happen but whats your view on it?

You could check pinaacle or similar to see if it’s still value. If it isn’t, you could punt it but I wouldn’t count it in your value betting stats. In the long run it shouldn’t matter too much so it’ll probably come down to guaranteeing a loss of about £25 or risking a loss of £150

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