Backtesting bet365

I wanted to ask if anyone would be willing to share their tracker to do serious back testing like the ones I do for sports trading. I have seen that by filtering the bets with some parameters identified by me, the yield can easily exceed 10% in both football and basketball. unfortunately I have been using Rebel betting for a few months and therefore I don’t have a very large sample that can confirm these data

Roi over 15% basket and soccer

Good morning, I have a tracking of 7200 bets (5600 tennis, 1200 basketball and 200 field hockey, and some soccer and sports), the profit in 9 months is 21,300 euros, but if I would like to share settings, if you give me an email I pass it all and share the analysis.
I am from Spain.
My name is Josemi and my email
If you agree, send me an email and I will send it to you and we will talk.

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I send you a mail.

Hello @amarilloslim , I’m new on this site and still on the trial weeks.
I’m sending you an email, if you could share your data with me too I’d really appreciate.


I only tell whoever sends me the tracker as soon as I finish doing the analyses