Backtesting historical value bets

Do the software in your server log automatically every bet that ever suggested so we have over 500k bets and get reliable stats on Sport and Markets profitability? If not you shall make it log every bet of every broker and with just a simple backtest based on the brokers we want, to give the profitability stats. We can not have a clear picture with 700, 1000, even 6000 bets.

We have already done backtesting, where hundreds of thousands of odds resulted in an average yield of 5.6%.

However, backtesting can only give an indication. We prefer actually placed bets. Our beta testers placed over 12.000 real bets.

Today we have a LOT more data, and will summarize this in the future (anonymously) so you can improve your strategies.


That would be nice, to have a platform with all archived bets and the user will apply filters and back-test, showing the reports. For example I would check only the brokers the sports and the markets I want and compare results to see what was the most profitable. If the bets volume are high enough (hundreds of thousands) I assume we will have results close to reality and also make safe assumptions.