Bad trend.. Any suggestions?

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been valuebetting for about 3 weeks now and I started off pretty good making a nice profit. However, lately its been going really bad and I am now negative in profit. I know its most likely just do to varience, but still im wondering if theres anything wrong with my settings or if I can improve in some aspects. I’m posting my stats and settings here, thankful for any advice!

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You posted your results but not your settings… :roll_eyes:

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Yeah my bad, I replied with the settings

Your settings look good. Perhaps I am the only one in this forum that prefer a higher max stake… Make it at least 2% (I have mine at 3.8 to 4%) Note that, IMHO, you should not take bets at 3% that are far out to match start. At 3% I would only take around 2-4 hours out. The further out the higher the value should be. At 24 hours I would go for 5%.
Check with RB staff about the profit guarantee. You have a good amount of bets and if you are not in profit they will add a month to your subscription FOC.

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Thank you!

My last 30 days have been horrific also. starting to wonder if this is just a waste of time

Update: Its gone from bad to worse, I have more than quadrupled my loss since I wrote the post. Meanwhile my clv keeps going up