Banned instantly on william hills


today I started the free trial and got instantly banned on william hills.
What did iIwrong?

Can anyone help me?
What should I do to not get banned instantly?

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Did they also steal your money?

They closed my account and i can´t login anymore.
I´m in contact with their support and I hope I can withdraw my deposit atleast.

same thing happened to me yesterday! You are in contact with them in live chat?

Generally, they would limit first, not total ban. And yes, they limit very quickly!
I’m in Canada. They just withdrew from Canadian market and their sister brand Caesars stays here.

move to England like me, enjoy ban free value betting inside their shops !!!

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haha! Envy you!

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How many bets are you putting on when in the shops? Because online I put about 50 a day lol

i place all i can get from the trial version which is 12. William hill has many opportunities

Are you in Ontario?
I ask because Nov 1 all books needed licenses issued by the province. Many books shut down or became licensed. Some placed a geo-locator program on your computer to ensure your location.
Anyways hope you got it sorted.

Do you place about dozens of bets in William Hill shops in a day? Do they check your ID if they suspect you? Do you have UK ID or a foreign passport to prove age would do? Or, are Canada and UK same country? (half-kidding)

Yes, I am in Ontario. I know that; it’s a headache for constant geo-locator checking…
I’m just suggesting some possible reason for the thread starter above about William Hill ban.

I place dozens of bets in William Hill daily yes. You do not have to provide ID for any reason

If you’ve tried withdrawing and they didn’t ask for id then they must have done kyc for u automatically (i think this applies to UK customers only)

Do you mean UK local shops? Will they cash your winning ticket without checking ID?