Basketball and Hockey

If possible I’d like to see the yield for Basketball and Hockey bets exclusively at Bet365 please. I’ve seen people with substantial amounts of bets running hot and cold on them so it’s hard to decide what is varaince and what is bad value. @Simon

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@Simon please sir, we would appreciate

+1 from my side, thanks in advance @Simon

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This is the last 10 months.


Thanks for the information. I know myself and other stat fiends appreciate it.
I’ve seen mention of limiting bets to < 4hrs before the match. I assume this is as the markets will be better formed by then. Is there a great difference in yield given this tactic?
Also would it be possible to have different different sports settings for different filters. Say I wanted to prioritise high value football over anything else but keep all sports showing underneath. If I set my min value to 6% on my pinned filter I get a screen full of Basketball instead.

Yep, time has an impact on bets. Like 2 hours can translate to 1% yield