BasketBall Middle Value Betting

Live Basketball Match.

In Sharp Book, the odds for over 167.5 is 2.0, and the odds for under 167.5 is 1.71.
In BookMaker X, the odds for over 174.5 is 1.87, and the odds for under 174.5 is 1.80.

There Is Clearly a value on Under 174.5 in BookMaker X.

But How much is this value?

We want to find the odds for under 174.5 in Sharp. (No Alternative Lines)

What Can i do to find the Odds For Under 174.5 in Sharp book?

If it is a reputable sharp I would take the soft bet anytime. In your example the sharp has almost the same vig as the soft (8.% vs. 9.0%). You can look at other bookmakers (or same bookmaker but different match) to see roughly how much the odds change for each step change in the goal line (yes I know that it is not linear but we are looking for a guidance).