Basketball Profitability

This two images above shows the performance of basketball recently using flat stakes of $1 (1-30Nov), indeed the world cup has had it’s fair share of impact on our results lately but as we can see, it’s slowly returning to clv line

This single image is my avg roi(yield) on basketball after 2k+ trades using this setting (>4% value <4hours, 1.1-2.5)

Hope this helps, focus on volume and leave everything to variance, it’s hard but in the long run…

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Thank you.
Do you think those settings are transferable to RB-Valuebetting? Maybe I will give basketball a shot again…

You mean the presets? I only tested rebels 2 week trial some months ago so I don’t really remember creating any presets, what i think you can do is pick though, like pick trades that fall within that criteria if you can’t really create specific presets e.g bet on heats vs golden state having <4 hours>4% edge, odds fall within the range 1-2.5 etc

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