Basketball - understanding betting

Hi, I dont understand Basketball.
Can someone please explain-

Pallacanestro Roseto vs Rinascita Basket Rimini…this match was played 14th june…and the score was 68-72 ie a total of 140pts…I bet

U(147.5), overtime included

AND it is classed as a LOST bet! Cant work out why.

[quote=“Audiman, post:1, topic:9061”]
Pallacanestro Roseto vs Rinascita Basket Rimini
[/quote] Sometimes, the bookie can settle wrong. Ask them.

ill try them


Finally sorted the matter…apparently they played each other TWICE same day…and it was a loser on the one . I still dont feel I am placing basket ball bets correctly as I dont kow the difference between a bet and a ( EXTRA TIME INCLUDED) …I guess ill stop betting on stuff I dont understan outcomes for :slight_smile:

In case of a draw in Basketball, they will play overtime until you have a winner. Which means you could place 2 types of bet:

  • Winner after overtime taken into account
  • Winner considering there could be a draw (i.e. overtime excluded)

So be careful to pick the right bet. Most of the time, VB will pick the bet incl. overtime (at least from my experience)

thanx for clearing that up. Ta