Be cautious with 1XBet

If you’re using 1XBet, please use caution.

They have been known for years sometimes to keep the winnings of arbitrage and value bettors. This is a warning sign, but nothing extremely unusual.

However, last year a subsidiary company filed for bankruptcy after refusing to pay out winnings. The parent company is still rolling on, still sponsoring Barca and many other teams and tournaments. But consider this an increased risk level.

And the owners are still shady as :poop:

An in-depth investigation


Good day. I am already giving up on rebelbetting. 1xbet is one of the best bookmark here in Nigeria when it comes to using rebel betting software. Merrybet, bet9ja, naira bet are all useless, because we hardly see arbs from them. For the past few 2-3years now I have been using only 1xbet for my value betting. However, few months ago I noticed that the value betting odds/ arbs on RB value betting software on longer correspond to that of 1xbet Nigeria website. It has made it very difficult for me and many Nigerians to use the rb software. Please something should be done about this. 1xbet may not be doing well in other regions. But, it’s one of the fastest paying bookmark here in Nigeria.

Hey mate, I’m Nigerian too and there’s a lot you can still do with Rebel. The odds on 1xbet are retrieved and displayed correctly, the reason you’re getting slightly lower odds is because you’ve been gubbed by 1xbet. They gub people by adding extra margins in your odds hence why the odds differ from what’s being displayed by the software, you can try logging out of your account to check the odds on the site(with you logged out of course)and you’ll see what I’m talking about. If the issue still persist, message support with screenshots describing it.

Do you mean that 1Xbet will modify the odds secretly?

Hello, man, I’m Chinese, I used to use 1Xbet for sure betting, but I stopped betting after I knew 1XBET would steal customers’ money

Yes, they will reduce the odds for only your account and you might encounter problems when withdrawing.

1xbet is actually an international company. All those articles claiming bankruptcy are totally wrong and don’t reflect the truth. 1xbet has a great history and has never even come close to bankruptcy. They still sponsor tons of teams and tournaments, including Barcelona, which just shows how dedicated they are to the sports industry. Personally, I’ve been using their platform for betting for a while now, and everything has been really good