Been Limited x Efficiency of the Rebel betting finding value in the "lower leagues"

There is any difference in the efficiency on finding value of the Value Bet Software in the higher leagues and in the small ones? Ex: The capacity of found value is the same in the playoffs of the champions league than in the an ordinary game of the second division of Austria?

And there is any difference, to the effects of been limited by the bookmakers, where the bettor is from? If i am from Brazil, and bet a lot in the Brazilian 3rd division (which is a lower league), where i live will be considered by the bookmakers for limiting or not my account? Or for this effect, they only will consider if the volume of the market?

For me, as a South American, makes much “more sense” to play in the the top league of Paraguay than in the top league of Norway (even if the last one is a bigger market). But what is considered by the bookmakers when they limited the bettors?

I hope the text is understandable, sorry for my bad english, it isn’t my first language.