Beginning of my journey

So this is the first post in my very first start of using RebelBetting Sure Betting Pro and really into Sure Betting. Done matched betting before but not sure betting.

So my very first thought of Rebel Betting Sure Betting Pro today was that the autoSurf for LadBrokes, BetSafe, 138 and Bet365 did not work well for me. even after doing the bookmaker setup in the app. in the end i opened up chrome browser instead.

It was actually also a challenge to work with the arbs. they changed so quick. I then finally adjusted the app to show more than just football which gave me a nice Basketball arb in Australia. 4.5%. Odds was 2.10 with the first bookmaker and 2.08 on the other.

I did struggle to fully understand where to find the events and odds on the bookmaker sites. not entirely sure what cross market is but so far i dont like them :slight_smile: could not find the odds :slight_smile:

So i definitely need some research into those markets so i understand them and can with confident navigate bookmaker sites.

Saturday update, So today has been full of family time but decided to get another bet on. Got to admit i am not a fan of the split bet screen in the Rebelbetting software, i much prefer 2 full windows in 2 tabs in chrome.
Anyway I started with the biggest bet on BetClic and that went through fine. then on side they would not take my bet, so small panic came over me but kept it cool and checked lay odds on Smarkets, I could have layed the bet but there was no availability in the market there either. So next step was to check other bookmakers with similar odds in the Rebelsoftware and i ended using Bet365 instead.
So overall a slight panic moment but we got there in the end.

As an added extra i have decided it is definitely worth spending time checking how many bookmakers you can actually use in your country and get them set up and filter the other ones out so you do not get cluttered surebets. its a pain no doubt but that 1-2 hours are well spent.


Thanks for your updates. It’s exciting to follow your arbitrage betting journey.

Please read more about the markets supported in RebelBetting:

And cross market arbs:

Also, when AutoSurfing, use the keys F1 to F3 to toggle full screen mode for a bookmaker. Press F4 to return to normal view.

Regarding the Auto surf issues you are experiencing, please email with detailed information about the issues. I’ll ask our dev team to look into this.

Hi @Hanna
After a bit more experience with the software i did find the same answers eventually :slight_smile: