Only shown arbs up to 0.6%

Hi @Hanna
After a bit more experience with the software i did find the same answers eventually :slight_smile:

Hello Hanna. I was able to log on to the free version of rebelbetting surebetting software. Its a great job you guys did in the to put all that together. I have a concern though. I saw that the arbs percentage given in the free version isn’t higher than 0.5%. Thats not even up to 1% arb on a game. Pls Hanna, I wanna subscribe to the lite version, I hope the arbs in the lite are greater than 0.5%?

Hi! The Free version is intended to learn sports arbitrage before going forward with a subscription. The number of arbs available in the free version is heavily limited, the majority of arbs are exclusive to our paying customers.

There is no arb percentage cap in the Lite version, so you will get full access to all higher arbs as well! Just like the Pro version. Please read more about the Lite version here.

You are very welcome to join!:slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Hanna…I’ll subscribe very to the lite version very soon