Being limited while using bot

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if anyone else is having a problem with being limited using bot on bet365.
How did you solve that problem?
How long does your accounts last?

how many days did you bet ?
how many bets did you make, in average per day ?
what was your average stake ?
what was your final profit ?

2500 bets per month.
Avg stake 5€ and profit 140%

with bet365 I’m betting only 3 weeks, and I had only 450 bets … what are your settings, that you have so many bets ? my avg stake is 2€, I’m in loss

if your account is limited, it can not be undone
you can prevent it, be making lower stakes … and rounding stakes to 1 decimal number … or using quarters, thirds, halves

I also wonder what others do

What are the radars by which bet365 suspects bots?
I clean the cookies, everytime I have the same IP address,…
Do you use bot?

it’s not only about IP, cookies
but, be carefull of where is your ISP (internet service provider), what country is in your account, and what country is in account for deposit page (for skrill, netteler)

Problem can be with deposit or withdraw, if your country is different (you are from Germany, using Italy VPN, and making deposit from France skrill)

  • this is security checking/problem I think
  • those “settings” are different for EVERY country, so there are plenty combinations of what is working and what is not working

Many bookmakers do the same - if you start winning in long term, they will suspend your account. Bookmakers are trying to find your winning strategy - they check how many bets do you bet, in what hours, what is your stake, what sports do you bet, what bet type do you bet, how much time do you spend on page, and other

I think bigger bookmakers are using AI to check that (bet365 check that almost every time you do something)

When you do live betting, they also check what is difference between time you bet, and time of bet evaluation … I had many suspended accounts after 1 bet (it doesn’t matter if you win or lose)

Your account on bet365 can be suspended or limited in many ways (just for one sport, league, match … )

for bet365:
on the other side, if you lose a lot, your account will have bigger limits for staking and you can win more in long term (for example, fresh new account can win only 100€ and account will be suspended … other fresh new account - first, if you lose 400€ , then after time you can win more than 600€ … 800€ … and your account will not be suspended) - I don’t know exact numbers and how old need to be your account, but I know, it works in this way

please anwser me - what are your settings, that you have 2500 bets per month (last month ?)
I made my own bot for bet365 and unibet … I’m testing it 3 weeks