Best option since limited in Bet365?

Hello folks,

I have been limited in Bet365 and i was looking into another bookmarkers eventhough i’m creating another account in bet365 with family member paperwork.

It came to my knowledge that most “++ rated” bookmarkers by rebelbetting are only avaiable for Pro License. Is it worth it to upgrade to get access to those?

My current balance is 1,000€ ; started with 354€. But upgrading would mean a 18% minimum ROI for first month.

It’s worth it because you get valuebets that are more than 7%

But how often to they appear? And are there a lot of them?

Yes a lot and very often

What country are you from?

646€ profit is extreme low to get restricted on bet365

I’m restricted with 0 profit from bet365, the site is stuck loading forever, maybe it’s because I’m using a VPN from another country?

That could be it yes, I haven’t found a working vpn for bet365 yet. The one that worked also got my account blocked after 1 day.

Right now I use a SIM card from NL (where bet365 is allowed) and I always use the 4g of that SIM card to access bet365 and it works perfect.

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Thanks for the answer, and can I ask what bookie I might I use to instead of bet365?

How did you then do kyc on the bet365 if you’re from another country? As you said you use a sim from NL

Did the kyc in the right country then moved out

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Hey, Sam. I’m from Brazil, did around 1100 bets and BRL50,000 turnover (~10kE). I guess they banned me because i was delaying account verification and only did the CPF one (like the quick one here in brazil).

Anyway, i started over.

Well I mean it’s very easy but not very legal, and I am pretty sure I am not allowed to say the exact steps on here haha

Oh yea, that explains it man !