Best/reliable bookmakers for UK

I’m 5 days in and my Bet365 account lasted 3 days!! and I’m getting random stake restrictions on red32 and Unibet. My WH was closed a long time ago for other matched betting techniques.

I’m now running on Betfairsportsbook and Ladbrokes… and I don’t know how many bets to throw at them daily.

Any advice where to go next? I don’t want to have my money stuck in one of the smaller unreliable bookmakers.

Have you checked the bookie list?

Sadly not UK based so wont know what the major ones are for you.

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welcome to the world of value betting :slight_smile:
Maybe RB should put a disclaimer warning newbies what is likely to happen to their Bookie Accounts once you are spotted doing the regular value betting

Well I did expect this, just not in 3 days :joy:

All my accounts have been used for matched betting in the past, but not touched for over a year. I guess my accounts were flagged in some way and they’re waiting for me to fleece them again.