Best UK bookmakers for value betting

Top 10 UK bookmakers for value betting

Here are the top 10 bookmakers you should use when value betting in the UK. Betting Pro Chris Symcox lists the absolute best ones you should utilize with RebelBetting. But there are of course more than just these ten. See our full list of bookmakers here.

Not from the UK? No problem. RebelBetting covers 80+ bookmakers all over the world.

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When I sometimes have time, I go to the bookmakers’ shops and search for bets on the betting machines, because the value sometimes is extraordinarily higher than the one given by the RB software.

For example, a 5% value bet on RB can be found on the betting machines in William Hill, Betfred, Ladbrokes, or Paddy Power for 10%, 20%, or even 30%+ which is not a rare event at all.

I have noticed that BoyleSports constantly has this 30%+ value on the NFL on their betting machines.

The best news is that you CANNOT be limited/restricted/banned from the shops and can even stake arbitrary numbers like ÂŁ43 :))

I am thinking that it would be a GREAT idea to start a UK bookmakers in-shop value-alert thread just to alert each other for massive in-shop value in case one arises because doing it alone is quite time-consuming and leaves many 30%+ value bets and the money that comes with it on the table.

What do you people think?


Well here in Belgium we have a lot of shops with a huge delay, so it give you a good chance to play matches with even higher value.

The also dont limit/restricted player yet, so i think that betting shops are essential if you want to keep the game for longer.

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Cheers…this is my plan B for when i am gonna be limited everywhere. I will just go in shops and start valuebetting using their machines. I am in uk so every penny will be ours because we don’t pay tax on this kind of activities here. This is a really good idea to generate some good money. I wish you all the best man.

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Here is one example I’ve found on the exchanges

wait, but how does this work ? can you place dnb on betfair ? that bet in the exchange is just a back bet but not dnb, isn’t it ?

Its Also a amazing Idea for Surebetting !!!

yes just a back bet…insane value can be found on both in shop or exchanges where you cant be banned…exchanges downside is that liquidity might be quite low but in shop, you can bet as much as you want without liquidity issues

I have already started a group in the UK. People interested contact me.

Paddy power is not in the bookmakers list , isn’t it?

Interested to join the group

Not, sorry. We had them before, but not anymore. We are however looking into how to get them back. We know that Paddy is a very popular bookmaker.

Would be interested in joining the shops group.

I usually find the shop machines to have crazy hold and rarely find value in those.

How are you searching in the machines? You just start looking at all the matches valuebetting shows for bet365 to be value manually?

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Scan manually. Rebel betting has produced quite some arbs for me in the past when i had an active membership but I don’t run it anymore because I am happy with what I have discovered, however, there is always room for improvement as it’s pretty much me and my brother who help each other discover more and more things. Therefore additional brains would help